What is keef

Keef is the crystals that are left over after grinding your medical marijuana. 

Keef is the left over crystals from marijuana buds

Look at that picture!!!  What you see there is the crystals that came off of the buds when ran through a grinder.   A few days ago I went over to another writer for this sites house and he showed me the bottom of his grinder. I was like “those are all crystals!”   He sprinkled a bunch of that dust onto the bowl he just packed and handed it to me.  I took a good hit like normal, and bam, I coughed for like 10 minutes.  I did not take any more hits after that, and I was tore up, I mean tore up from the floor up!

Wouldn’t the keef normally end up in my bowl though?

You may wonder if you are just grinding off what you were gonna smoke and just end up smoking it later.  Well here is the deal.  Keef is another name for all those pretty crystals all over your medical marijuana.  When you touch the buds with your fingers, you will notice that they are sticky.  Well that sticky stuff is the keef, and guess where it is now!  It’s on your fingers.  You cant scrape it off into your bowl, you can light your fingers on fire.  The only thing you can do is smell it and think, dang thats some sticky stuff.

What is a grinder going to do for me?

The grinder is not only going to break down your marijuana so it’s ready to smoke good, but it will also grind it up enough to have those loose crystals fall off. On the bottom of the grinder is screen, and all that pretty keef gets stored in there. It does take time to build up a collection like my buddy had, but believe me when I say, I have not gotten that high off of just one hit!