Legalization of Cannabis

What is legalization of cannabis

As of now, 2/22/2012 the legalization of cannabis is underway. By no means as a country are we there, but a few states have passed the law making it OK for medicinal cannabis use. This could be the foundation for some big changes coming up to our country.

What states are all ready in the process of making it legal

Currently we have 17 states that are legal for medical marijuana use. Here is a list of those states.

New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island
Washington DC

Being legal for medical marijuana use in these states, still requires a recommendation from a doctor. It seems that there are many fly by night type doctors, that are just handing out these prescriptions left and right. This just goes to show, we still have a lot of gray area when it comes to this topic.

Why make it legal

I ask myself this question, and here is what I came up with.

  • People do not overdose on cannabis. I’ve never heard of marijuana poisoning, have you? The side effects of cannabis use is much less severe then alcohol.
  • Marijuana is a natural plant, jeez its been here longer then us. Scientist spend countless amounts of time, and dollars to preserve endangered plants, but the government says marijuana should not grow on our soil.
  • Money, yes money.  Marijuana is a booming business.  People have been purchasing it for years, and there has been only an up rise in sales. The government can tax the production of marijuana, just as it does corn, wheat, and tobacco.  This can generate loads of income for our states, to help balance the budget.