Types of Marijuana

What are they?

In order to be able to better understand the different types of marijuana we have to first start by breaking it down into 2 different classes.  These two classes are Sativa and Indica.


Sativa is more of a get up and do something buzz.  It more effects the cerebral part of the brain.  When you smoke sativa, you get that “damn i’m high felling”  Sativa does offer a pain relief for certain symptoms.   When looking at the different types of marijuana there are some very potent forms of sativa available that will even give you hallucinations.  Most smokers who enjoy sativa say its the clean the house bud.

examples of sativa

  • trainwreck
  • blue cheese
  • super silverhaze
  • amnesia haze


Indica is more of a body buzz.  If you find yourself saying things like “I’m stuck on this couch” odds are pretty good you just smoked a strain closer to the indica class.  This type makes for a great medicinal bud.  It offers great levels of pain relief, helps with insomnia, and does wonders for stress.  Typical smokers of indica have a overall more mellow side to them when using it.

examples of indica

  • chemdog
  • og kush
  • romulan
  • white rhino
  • bubblegum kush
  • diesel
  • endless sky “possibly the most potent strain of indica known to man”


What is one persons opinion?

One person I interviewed said she preferred indica over sativa anyday.  For medical use indica gave her that much needed buddy buzz to help with her aches and pains.  At the same time she got the numbing feeling, she also go an almost drowsy effect as well.  She stated that her favorite type of marijuana was royal kush.  She said most of the time she is able to just sit on the couch, be fully aware of whats going on around her, but be totally numb.

Like most others who commented on the poll, indica was the most desired types of marijuana.